What is Enough?

What is Enough?

What is Enough?

Much of our Spiritual and Mindfulness Practice is to recognize patterns of the mind that contribute to suffering. Meditation practice helps us observe these patterns and notice the suffering which results. Much of the suffering has to do with “clinging” to ideas and concepts that are working against us.

Unfortunately, our society, belief systems, and survival instinct give in to wanting “more.” We have been taught to constantly achieve, and our unobserved survival brain wants more to stay alive. We are also surrounded with messaging for more. All advertising and marketing is created for us to want more and to buy more.

We become so conditioned with these belief systems that we ignore the fact that much of our suffering comes from this conditioning which we are fed on a daily basis.

Some common “wanting more” examples are with time and money. Since many of us are programmed to keep doing, we end up wanting to do so much that we run into this constant “not enough time” to do all we want. At the end of the day or week, you notice that you have, more than likely, accomplished most of it. Notice how this constant struggle with time causes small amounts of suffering on a daily basis.

How to end your Struggle with Time

Begin each day with the Mantra (repeating phrase), “I have ENOUGH time.” Notice how this simple practice will allow your body to ease up and release and in turn create more space. This space creates less tension in the body, in the mind, and also energetically. You will notice that with this space, you actually create more time for yourself. Mentally take yourself out of the practice of lack and bring yourself into the practice of abundance.

Many of us are conditioned early in childhood with fear and scarcity around money. The word alone creates tension, fear, and reactivity amongst many of us. We all need to have money for basics such as housing and food, but notice where there is a feeling of fear around money even when the basic necessities of life are taken care of. Throughout our life’s journey we will encounter times of less money and times of more money. Ultimately, many of us do have enough because we seem to be making it through day-by-day.

How to end your Struggle with Money

Whatever your current financial situation is, notice how much your mental conditioning is causing tension around lack, fear, and scarcity. If you want to invite more money into your life, you need to loosen your grasp around it and start to practice from a place of abundance. Begin each day with the Mantra, “I have enough money.” As you practice your money meditation, include your friends and family, as well as the rich and the poor. Practice this by repeating, “may all beings have enough.” Even include that person that you may feel has more than enough. This practice will help to create space, and this space will help you release the tension. The release will help change mental patterns, and ultimately change the energy around money.

So, whatever you may feel that you don’t have enough of, meditate by repeating the phrase “I have enough ____. This blank space can be filled with the word time, money, love, friends, skills, or food. What is very important to do at the end of your practice is to repeat the phrase “I am enough.

It’s time to open up your energy, end the suffering, and invite enough into your life. The more you practice, the more abundance you will witness.

~ Namaste

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