New Student

Hello and welcome to your path towards optimal health, healing and liberation!

Yoga is an ancient practice, yet now more than ever, Medical and Wellness professionals recommend yoga for all types of healing from physical levels: internal and structural, along with mental & emotional health from anxiety to depression.

Yoga began in India about a thousand years ago and was not only a practice to heal the body and support emotional and spiritual health but it was used as a preventative health practice.

Through a consistent Yoga practice you will soon discover greater mobility, higher energy, emotional stability, less pain and overall wellness in the body.

The Physical Yoga Practice helps build both strength and flexibility in the muscles, reduce inflammation throughout the body including joints, improve mobility, lower blood pressure, improve respiratory and heart health, balances hormone levels, build and support coordination and proprioception, promote mental clarity and focus along with emotional stability and balance. There are many more benefits which you will soon uncover through your own practice and experience.

There are some helpful tips when beginning your practice.

  • Focus on your breathing through the class. Avoid “mouth” breathing” and use your normal nose breathing. Inhale and exhale by the nose unless otherwise instructed.
  • Hydration: Make sure you are drinking plenty of water.
  • Empty Stomach. Avoid food at least 2 hours before you practice.
  • Practice on a Yoga Mat and create your “space”.
  • Use Blocks, Chair or Wall when needed.
  • Practice to the level where you can find stillness in the pose while breathing.
  • Identify sensations in the body and avoid sharp shooting pain and “pinching” sensations.
  • Avoid taking any medications or supplements before class, including Ibuprofen.
  • Be KIND to your Body.

The New Student Video Series is designed to help you learn how to build your practice, incrementally and mindfully to the level where you can join the live classes. The beginner videos consist of a 4-Series Program with each containing Part I and Part II.

Please do not feel pressure to advance in a specified time-frame yet with a consistent practice (2-3 Days/Week) you may find yourself ready to participate in a Live Class as early as 30 Days. Once you have completed all parts of this Video Series, you are ready to join the daily classes “Live” and access the recorded classes in the Video Library!

Please know that at anytime, you may contact me directly at with specific questions and/or concerns.

Welcome to Samadi Yoga!

I look forward to meeting you,