Corporate Webinars

Corporate Webinars for Emotional, Mental and Physical Health

In 2020, I began designing and implementing webinars for corporations with offices around the world as a valuable employee benefit through Human Resources Wellness Programs or Cultural Events Directors. Each presentation can be implemented "company-wide" as either monthly or quarterly "live" online events. The individual events are recorded and incorporated into an ongoing wellness program for use by all employees and staff, regardless of location.

Since the start of the Pandemic, many companies are more purposeful in their quest to not only help their employees manage the emotional, mental, and physical duress caused by COVID and its aftermath but to battle the subsequent attrition rate within the workplace. This need has led to my collaborating with organizations to provide wellness programs to their staff.

Over my 20 years of teaching, I have personally seen the positive impact of yoga and meditation practices on the health and well-being of students. Recent studies also show that incorporating just a few minutes of these practices into a daily wellness regimen creates a healthy work+life balance.

Benefits Include:

Yoga and meditation help with mental focus, concentration, memory, and level of learning. It also enhances mental agility for better decision-making and creativity.

By reinforcing deep breathing, yoga and meditation increase overall energy, releases tension in the body, and promote mental clarity.

Over 80% of employees miss work days due to stress-related issues. Yoga and meditation practices are not only proven to reduce the factors that cause tension but are now recommended by most medical professionals (

  • Yoga and meditation strengthen the immune system, going beyond just physical benefits but positively affecting emotional and mental wellness that is unmatched by any other activity.
  • Yoga and Meditation reduce the heart rate, blood pressure, and tension, and ultimately have a positive effect on anxiety and depression.

Yoga and meditation improve mood and make people feel more positive by releasing serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins, and also help balance hormone levels.

  • Studies show when employees feel taken care of by their employers, there is less chance of turnover. When your staff is happier, productivity is higher, and the bottom line improves.
  • A yoga and meditation practice not only helps enhance relationships with ourselves but our relationships with the people around us.

Since the arrival of Covid-19, many have left their offices to work remotely. This means what was once their home and escape at the end of the day, is now also their "office". It has upset the work+life balance to such an extent, a whole new level of stressors and challenges have been added. A well-constructed wellness program makes a significant positive difference to any organization with retention, productivity, and overall health.

I have seen the incredible benefits a yoga and meditation program offers to staff and would love to help your organization experience the same!

Review from Cultural Events Director of Vitu, Linda M.

"Almost two years ago, our company, Vitu, took a giant leap of faith and began working with Mahnaz Jahangiri and Samadi Yoga to present a yoga workshop to our staff via Zoom. Since COVID-19, our employees are scattered all over the country and it was our hope to provide some much-deserved solace through the presentation of virtual wellness webinars for all to access. Mahnaz came to us as a recommendation and after meeting with her, we decided we'd give one workshop a try and see how it went. It was a huge success and our staff clamored for more, leading us to commit to monthly yoga and wellness workshops with Mahnaz and Samadi Yoga through the end of 2021. We are now coming to the end of 2022 and for us, Mahnaz is a much-beloved staple and a welcome constant in our corporate wellness plan for our employees.

Mahnaz's approach is accessible and calming. She mixes up her presentations to ensure even the most seasoned yoga practitioners will experience something new and dynamic. She has also taken the time to get to know our staff, customizing the workshops specifically to our needs and creating an environment that not only embraces all levels but makes everyone feel like they can do anything she shares, even taking the time to give one-on-one consultations. Mahnaz has cracked the code formula for presenting a mindfulness practice within a corporate structure and truly knows how to work with companies to bring self-care to the masses. She is an invaluable addition to Vitu's continuing wellness plan and we cannot recommend her highly enough."

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