Finding Home 2nd Edition and Companion Guide Journal

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"Finding Home 2nd Edition" along with “Finding Home Journal” will help you discover ways to maintain emotional stability and incorporate methods to delve into the deeper self. The Companion Guide Journal augments yoga and meditation routines that help create calm and emotional stability in daily living. The ancient practices of meditation and yoga are explained in simple scientific and philosophical ways that help you discover the power that lies within.

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Brian H

Reviewed on May 21, 2020

Excellent read for those wanting to know more about yoga and how to get started!

Mahnaz does a terrific job putting into words the benefits and practice of Yoga. Her instructive methods make getting started easy and understandable for anyone who has an interest in learning how to improve their physical being, while at the same time experiencing the calming peace that accompanies the practice of Yoga. We need this in our world more than ever with the changes we're now experiencing. It helps to clear the mind and allows you to see things more clearly. Do yourself a favor and read this. Then start the practice of it. Her online classes are affordable and are invaluable. She has trained world-class athletes in it, as well as celebrities. I know because I've been in her classes for the past 6 years. It has helped me immensely with chronic back problems and other physical issues. Once learned and practiced you'll never want to stop doing it. The benefits are too many to NOT to do it.


Reviewed on May 11, 2020

Yoga and meditation go hand in hand in Finding Home

The timing of this book couldn’t be more perfect. Its’ message is beautiful and simply written. Home is within yourself. She helps you tap and tune into how to get there without any “fluff”. And you don’t want to leave your “home” once you find it.


Reviewed on April 11, 2020

We Need This Now

An inspirational quick read that was so centering, I literally found myself breathing deeply while reading! The idea that all the things that we value in our idea of “Home” can be found, created and nurtured in ourselves is deeply moving, and inspirational.


Reviewed on April 2, 2020

Perfect Timing

With the chaos and uncertainty of everything going on in the world today, this book could not have arrived at a more perfect time. The advice is straightforward, clear and simply what everyone needs to read and practice right now. I read through the whole thing immediately when it arrived, and am now rereading it slowly to savor and mull over and put into practice the philosophy, history, and meditation and yoga practices she describes. Thank you for such a timely and necessary book, Mahnaz!!

Kelsey Smith

Reviewed on April 7, 2020

Excellent read!

This a great, quick read for anyone needing some motivation to start or get back to a yoga and meditation practice. Aside form the yoga history & benefits of a regular practice, Mahnaz discusses some of the reasons behind why we struggle with sitting still which I found to be especially interesting. There’s also a great sequence with images & modifications for those with injuries!


Reviewed on May 7, 2020

Great read!

Finding Home: A Path to Emotional Stability & Self Healing by Mahnaz Jahangiri is a delightful read emphasizing the importance of being more “present”. She highlights the many aspects of yoga including to accept where you are in your yoga journey day by day, year by year: “ A large part of meditation and yoga philosophy is to accept things as they are and observe without judgement”. There are several quotes throughout, that are inspirational as we voyage through life. As someone who has made many moves/relocations to different cities throughout my life, it was eye opening and refreshing to hear that HOME is never far - it is always within yourself…


Reviewed on April 8, 2020

Experience Freedom by Eliminating Dependencies

This book was wonderful. Tons of simple, yet wisdom-packed messaging throughout. As a yoga practitioner, I found the bits of philosophy most compelling. “Our thoughts are not our truth”- It’s easy to get carried away by ego, and to take things personally/ be reactionary - “Stress and perpetual thinking fogs up the mind…” I’m learning through yoga to relax more in times of difficulty. Mahnaz teaches us that ‘home’ is all within ourselves. I love this concept; it’s efficient, inexpensive (free), and readily available at all times. Reminds me of the great Nina Simone song, “Ain’t Got No, I Got Life”.