Externally Forced Stillness

Externally Forced Stillness

Externally Forced Stillness was a phrase that resonated with me when learning about Dhumavati, a hindu goddess in Indian mythology. She represents misfortune being turned into blessings. Dhumavati's sanskrit translation is "the smoky one." Translation of the sanskrit to me represents transformation; the burning of the "old" and rebirth of the "new."

The past year's pandemic seemed to place "an externally forced stillness" for many of us. Personally, it forced me to re-evaluate the things that are important in my life — health, my loved ones, and spending each day doing things I love and enjoy. This forced stillness helped direct me back to what I truly love and missed: teaching yoga and meditation daily. The space allowed me to create an online community that is now a solid force in my life.

Take a moment to reflect on what the "externally forced stillness" helped to transform in your LIFE.